Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 193

Nov 7-13

This week we finally got family photos taken.  When I say finally I actually mean for the first time ever.
Sad but true.  I enlisted the help of a fabulous local photographer, my friend Rachel from Willa Eve Photography.

Photo C/O Willa Eve Photography

Here is a link to her website:

Of course I fretted over what to wear.  Other peoples family pictures always look so cute, but you don't really appreciate all the effort that goes into it until you do it.  Coordinating four people is not easy.  I didn't want anything too matchy-matchy but I also didn't want some hideous color combo that was going to be outdated.  I went for a traditional nice/casual look, I figured that would make a lasting portrait for our living room.
Photo C/O Willa Eve Photography
Kids clothes can be a challenge so I started off in the boys closets.  I lucked out because I happened to have some decent choices.  Ed and I had decided on jeans long ago since it is classic and comfortable, and we all have them.  He really wanted to be comfortable and at first I resisted the jeans, thinking for our first family portrait we should be all fancy and decked out.  After awhile I decided it was a happy medium since you can dress jeans up.  I'm glad I listened to Ed because the boys were much more comfortable wearing their regular clothes.  Of course they had to wear their chuckies since those are my favorite kid shoes of all time.  They happened to have matching red ones.  We got Ed a navy button down polo shirt (definitely reusable--score!) and for myself a red sweater with a white shirt underneath.

Photo C/O Willa Eve Photography
Photo C/O Willa Eve Photography
Here are some of our previews.  Didn't they turn out amazing?  Rachel is the best!  These were shot in an abandoned field and you would never know.  I love the subtle fall colors.  I was very pleased with the results I got.  If you ever need a photographer in the Sumter/Columbia area she is the best!

I just placed my order today and I can't wait to hang these in the living room!


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